Lesson 13: Potpourri Miscellany

Thursday was a mish-mash of dishes, one a meaty Argentine riff on an Italian classic and the rest our further attempts to mimic classical French cuisine.

Question: how do you know how to match a pasta with a sauce?
Answer, from Marcella Hazan:
- for lighter sauce, like pesto or olive oil with tomatoes or chopped vegetables, use long, thin pasta like spaghetti or fettuccine
- for thicker sauces, like bolognese, use thicker pasta shapes like tagliatelle or funny-shaped pastas like orecchiette
- here's a nifty guide, cross-listed by both pasta shape and sauce: http://www.chow.com/stories/11099/?tag=main_body;feature_story
- and if you want to plummet into a food-induced coma, make cappeletti and agnolotti (both sort of like backwards tortellini) with the Argentine version of bolognese, which was really more like a hearty beef stew.

The pastas (filled with potato purée and crisped bacon):

The sauce- not for the faint of heart: pancetta, chunks of beef and pork, garlic, onion, carrot, boiled/peeled tomatoes, herbs, tomato paste, red wine and tomato purée.

The finished product:

And if you REALLY want to partake in death-by-over-consumption, go straight from pasta class to cooking technique class and make some creamy, buttery chicken dishes!

Mine: grilled chicken with maitre d'hotel butter (mix and then chill butter, parsley, lemon juice, curry, paprika, salt pepper) and french fries.

Gui with his masterpiece, stuffed chicken with mushroom sauce:

A chef's quest for perfection never ends:

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