Between Meals: Tigre

When you realize that the exhaust fumes in Buenos Aires are making your boogers black, it's time to escape to Tigre.

For about 60 cents and a 45-minute train ride, we were transported to a tranquil river delta named for the jaguars that used to prowl the river banks (!!!). My friend Sam was in town, and he's a big deal, so we splurged and headed to an "eco-spa." I'll be eating ramen for the rest of my time here, but it was definitely worth it. Here's Sammy riding the water taxi to our oasis:

Crumbling vacation homes and docks lined the river delta:

After a 20-minute jaunt, we arrived at our splendid hotel. These pics speak for themselves (it was kind of like a Zen polygamist compound):

Map of the compound:

Flora and fauna:



  1. Hi Anna,
    It was lovely to meet you & Sam at Casa Saltshaker last night. We love your blog - it's fantastic that you are documenting your experiences here. The food you are cooking looks delicious!

    We would also recommend Tigre as an easy and peaceful escape from the city.
    Take care, Erin & Simon

  2. who is that handsome dude you went to tigre with?


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