Between Meals: Gemelos

Mondays and Fridays are lecture days- aka boring days- at culinary school. I meant to write something about the Chinatown here this weekend, but it was too rainy to make the trek.

And so, a couple quick notes to whet your appetite!

This is my Brazilian friend Alejandro from culinary school. Today, he put his GIANT Converse-clad foot next to mine and said, "Somos gemelos!"

Also, my landlords left this on the doorstep the other day.

Back with more on culinary school tomorrow, but a good reminder: What good is learning to cook if you don't have such lovely people to fatten up?

1 comment:

  1. Holy toledo. Next time, try putting your foot with your Chucks on it inside his Converse. It looks like it would fit... easily!


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