Lesson 25: Exotic Meats!

You know you've reached the end of a 5-month culinary program when you start cooking wild boar (javalí), hare (liebre) and emu (ñandú)...

And not just survive: aside from being less fatty and a little tougher, this stuff was actually really tasty. It does have a "gamey" taste, but I think that just means it has a stronger flavor than your average boneless, skinless chicken breast.

I cooked Pumba. First, we seared the boar on both sides...
Then, we braised it for about an hour in a mirepoix (diced carrots, celery, onion), tomato, herbs, red wine and stock.

Meanwhile, we made some beans (here, they're porotos instead of frijoles like in Mexico) with bacon, onion, tomato, herbs and stock...these were really good.
Ever wonder what blood sausage (morcilla) looks like? Here ya go. Here, we mixed it with puréed squash. We're also making it next week. Then I never want to see it again.
EL FIN: Braised game for the Brian Robeson within us.

Side note: Wow. Gary Paulsen= new hero.

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